Media and entertainment Firm:  Welcome to dream Empire Production Int’l 

Executive Summary:
Widing the same quality results, every time. We try to understand your gravity and take photos from the perfect angels to have your best features on them. Then we take our clients opinion on what type of editing they prefer and what type of colors they want. For single portraits and documentary we will suggest you themes and help you to have a conceptual photo-shoot like the high fashioned models or you may go for a highly artistic view which will highlight your own persona. Clients will view The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L as honest, hard working, competent, reliable, and consistent. The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L philosophy will be to exceed client expectations and to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L will employ a client satisfaction – total quality philosophy. Based on its client satisfaction philosophy, clients will be The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L most powerful marketing tool and they will highly recommend The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L to others. At The DREAMS EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L our team members will be satisfied. The DREAMS EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L will value its team member’s opinion, treat them with respect, be fair, and honest. The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L will offer the highest-level compensation and benefits possible. The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L understands that team members are their most valuable resource. The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L will be diligent in its efforts to see that team members will be highly trained and will have the necessary tools & skills to consistently achieve corporate goals. We offered: 1. Photography service with various packages 2. Cinematography service with various packages 3. Combo packages Photography + cinematography 4. Give Rent photography equipment 5. Give rent our studio to others 6. Make personal indoor outdoor portfolio The keys to success for the business include:  Establishing The DREAM EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS INT’L as flexible to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses  Offering a range of additional services, such as printing, photo editing, Video Coverage and editing ,hall decoration , Event Entertainment including ; Mc, ushering , comedy and live band. organizing of Art Exhibitions, tour gourds and art exhibition assistance including curatorial services . framing and production of photos, videos, script making and editing , Media branding, creating and shooting of inter in a variety of digital formats  Making businesses feel at home in our studio and a part of the creative process.

The Detail information about us:

  1. Dream Empire Productions Int’l offers all forms of media and visual art entertainment.
  1. The mission statement is ‘’ capturing the moment that captivate your heart’’. Our mission statement focused on client’s satisfaction. We told that we capture that type of snaps that will be captivating to our clients mind. Quality service is our motto. We insure the quality of every image. Our mission statement reflects the company’s overview. Company History: The Dream Empire Productions Int’l starts their business in mid of 2015. Now its total capital is more than N12.86m. The Partners invests about 15% of total expenditure to startup the business as startup expenses and startup assets. Marketing cost, transportation, liquidity fund and equipment purchasing and many more things are included as startup journey.
     Description of management Team: 
  1. In past we said that we a our team of talented dedicated management team. That are able to handle every single situation in care. Our Companies CEO will be Elected by voting managers. CEO must be selected from the Inner source of the Organization. General Manager does all administrative task and Accounts and others section will under take care of General Manager.
  2. Marketing Manager is responsible for all marketing Terms and rules. Advertise product promotion and other marketing element will be under marketing department.
  3. Sales Department works will be under marketing department. increasing sells and distribution team is to work under sales managers. Marketing & sales Managers are from two senior Photographers of Dream Empire Productions Int’l. Because it’s a photography and movie making services and equipment business, that’s why a screen maker , photographer and visual artists know how the business will grow. Although at Dream Empire Productions Int’l will believe in team work. If any executive work needed than CEO. The Founder and President [Joseph Army ] will give any of the partners an executive responsibility.
  4. Business and Industry profile. If photography is your hobby then start to earn from your fun. There are many freelance photography jobs in the internet where the buyer will order you for many pre-specified pictures that you will have to flash. By photography you can do business as well. You can see your photograph in Nigeria and also abroad. In Nigeria there are many card
  5. calendar producers who buy photos from photographers.
  6. Founder and President: Joseph Army. The management of the team will consist of: A General Manager, Sales Managers, legal team as (secretary), -Photographers -Cinematographers, Graphic and web Designers, Editors, Panel, Account team ( Account officer), Administration Staffs, Supporting Staffs Supporting Staffs, D.o.p’s and directors, Performing artists, director of costumes, fashion designers, make up artists, script writers and editors with a [ director ], Front desk team, content developers and analysts .
Signed By:
Joseph Army ( President And Founder/Director).